Hello, I’m Lenon, a passionate Napa Valley wedding videographer. I specialize in crafting timeless cinematic masterpieces that capture the unique love story of each couple. Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime chapter, and I am dedicated to preserving its magic through enchanting visuals.

I focus on both grand gestures and delicate nuances, pouring my heart into creating a stunning video that will be a cherished keepsake for generations. If you’re looking for a dedicated wedding videographer to tell your authentic love story, I’d be honored to connect and discuss your vision for the big day.


I trust that you shine brightest when you’re true to yourselves. Follow your instincts, embrace your unique essence, and simply be authentic—I’ll be there to capture the genuine beauty of it all.


This marks the starting point, where I delve into the profound roots of your love to create a wedding film that etches your unique journey indelibly.


I aim to understand your identity, discover more about you, and authentically narrate your story.

Napa Wedding Videographer

Discover Lenon's
distinctive wedding videography approach

As a Napa wedding videographer, our exclusive wedding videography style seamlessly integrates cinematic elements with influences from rustic and bohemian weddings. This one-of-a-kind approach is crafted through inventive lighting, innovative perspectives, unique angles, artistic compositions, and meticulous post-production techniques. Our goal is to showcase the personalities and beauty of our couples, creating an authentic narrative that truly captures their love story.

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