Meet Lenon

I’m Lenon, a wedding videographer based in Napa Valley. I love romantic stories and I’d love for your wedding day to be one of them. I think all of us have a story to share and that is yours, the one day that only happens once in your life. I would love the opportunity to capture it for you! I’ve always believed that wedding videography is one of the greatest investment that you can pass on for many generations down the line.

One of my main focus during your wedding day is catching the candid moments that you might miss on the day and it enables me to capture the realness and rawness from your wedding day through videography.


I believe you are your best when you are yourselves.  Trust your instinct, do your thing, be you and I will capture it.


This is just the beginning, I will get to know the deepest and the source of your love so I can craft a wedding film that leaves your footprint.


 I want to know who you are,  learn about you, and tell your story honestly.

Napa Wedding Videographer

We’ve created a unique style of wedding videography that is deeply rooted in cinematic videography while influenced by rustic and bohemian style weddings. We accomplish this unique technique of wedding videography by creative lighting, unique perspective, angles, compositions and artistic post-production refining to bring out our couples personalities and beauty while telling their story.

Napa Wedding Videographer

Napa Wedding Videographers